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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back from Vacation

Hi!   I’m back – and this time I can say I was away on an awesome vacation.   We took a road trip to the Oregon coast and it was wonderful.  I am already missing the cool ocean air on my face and walking on the beach with hubby.   For those of you who have not experienced the Oregon Coast, it is a rugged less populated coast line and it is beautiful beyond belief.  If you love the mountains and pine trees and the ocean and beaches but think you can not have both at the same time, just go to Oregon.   The Pacific Rainforest extends right down to the beach, and except for where it has been cut back and developed into a charming little beach town or berg the pine forest literally extends right down to the ocean – usually ending in a cliff or bluff with the beach below.  Here are some pictures……

The view from our hotel room balcony:

Pictures looking down a cliff in Depoe Bay:

Pictures of walking on the beach with Hubby:

There are a lot of artisans along the coast.   We stopped at a glass blower's shop and watched him work....

More pictures of the beach in Lincoln City, where we stayed....

Well, it was fun, relaxing, and adventurous!  We hated to leave paradise, but are glad to be back home.  I am looking forward to kiddie kisses and hugs and getting back to creative cooking with you all…..  

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  1. How beautiful. I think we once vacationed at that very spot. It was one of our most favorite and memorable vacations. I am so pleased you and William had such a blessed time!
    Love you!